Julia Roberts Obituary, Death, Funeral Information

Julia Roberts obituary
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Julia (Judy) M. Roberts Obituary, Nokomis, Florida: Julia (Judy) M. Roberts, age 89, of Nokomis, Florida, passed away in the comfort of her own home on January 5, 2022. Her sons Alan and Tom were by her side when she took her last breath. In 1957, she was wed in London, Ontario, Canada to the late Richard (Dick) W. Roberts, MD. The ceremony took place in Canada. She is also survived by her daughters-in-law, Kelly and Jeanne, as well as her devoted grandchildren, Trent and Morgan Roberts. She was preceded in death by her husband. Her daughter, Janice, passed away in 2017, which came as a shock to the family. Julia was born in London, Ontario in 1932, and she graduated from the nursing program at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, before she met Dick. Following their wedding, they established their new home in Burlington, Ontario, and there they began raising their family. They ultimately settled in Syracuse (Camillus), New York, where they remained for the next quarter of a century. After Judy and Dick retired, they made the move to Nokomis, Florida, where they have lived for the past 30 years. Full Obituary

Julia Ann Roberts Obituary, Ida, MI: Julia Ann Roberts, who was 72 years old and from Ida, Michigan, passed away on March 8, 2020, in the Vibrant Life Senior Living facility. She was born on September 19, 1947, in Monroe, Michigan, and her parents were Bernadine (Simon) Nusbaum and Bernard Nusbaum. After completing her high school education at Notre Dame, Julia went on to receive her bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo. She had jobs as a waitress, an ironworker, and an agent in real estate all at the same time. Julia cherished the time she could spend with her loved ones and close friends. Julia is survived by her mother, Bernadine Nusbaum; her children Matthew (and his wife Brook), Jared, and Andrea (and her husband Jason) Warner; her siblings Tim, Joe, and Linda Nusbaum; Mary Sherman, Carol Raj, Angie Hammersmith, Helen Mendez, and Lisa Nusbaum; and her grandchildren Aaron, Trevor, Katelyn, and Caleb. Her father, Bernard Nusbaum, as well as her brother, Marty, as well as her three husbands, Robert Vyse, Jefferson Scout, and Rodney Roberts, all passed away before her. Full Obituary

Julia Ann Roberts Obituary, Lagrange, NC: Age 94, The Lord summoned one of his Angels to heaven on the first Tuesday in September of the year 2020. Irene and Saul Hardy were Julia Roberts’ parents when she was born on October 23, 1922, in Lagrange, North Carolina. Her husband of 61 years, Charlie Roberts, as well as their son, James Roberts, both passed away before she did. She lived at the Autumn Care of Portsmouth facility for a while. She had a deep love for the Lord. Over the course of more than 55 years, she was a devoted member of New Mount Olivet Baptist Church. She held positions on a number of the organization’s boards. Her four children, Ella, Julia, Charlie Jr., and Annie Roberts, are the only ones left to carry on her legacy and honor her memory. Full Obituary

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Julia Roberts Obituary, Death, Funeral Information
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