Julee Cruise Death, Obituary, Cause of Death – ‘Twin Peaks’ singer Julee Cruise has died. Julee Cruise has passed away, and the cause of death has yet to be determined. On June 9, 2022, Julee Cruise, the singer from ‘Twin Peaks,’ died suddenly. Her age was 65. At the time of publication, the circumstances surrounding her death were unknown.

Julee Cruise is a composer and film director who has collaborated with composer Angelo Badalamenti. When Julee Cruise played Janis Joplin in a New York theater production of Beehive, a revue of 60s female vocalists, she was an unknown singer. Her career began when David Lynch’s musical colleague Angelo Badalamenti suggested she sing The Mysteries of Love, the film’s closing scene song. This Mortal Coil’s cover of Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren” was used as inspiration for the song.

The composer and director fell in love with Cruise’s heavenly voice, and it was the first of many collaborations between the two. They loved her so much that she was included in multiple songs in their next collaboration, the TV show Twin Peaks. The soundtrack for Twin Peaks was created at the same time as Cruise’s debut album, Floating into the Night, for which Lynch penned the lyrics and Badalamenti composed the music. The theme tune Falling, which became a massive hit for Cruise, and the dream-pop masterwork The Nightingale were among the songs included on Twin Peaks.

Cruise also sang as the Bang Bang Bar in the television series and its sequel, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.” Wim Wenders, the film’s director, was equally smitten with Cruise’s voice and Badalamenti’s sumptuous orchestration and requested a song. In Elvis Presley’s improbable 1960 song “Summer Kisses Winter Tears,” they discovered the ideal candidate.

Friends, coworkers, government officials, and veterans have sent condolences and tributes to her family following her death. Everyone will mourn her loss.