John Villanueva Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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John Villanueva Obituary – Death which also includes the cause of death details has been posted online by individuals and internet media. You are invited by Referetech Obituaries to leave messages of condolence and memories of John Villanueva in the Guest Book which may be found below. You can find the most recent obituary of John Villanueva as well as information about the service by clicking on the obituaries’ links below. Check The Below Results For John Villanueva’s Obituary, Death, And Funeral Information


1. John Villanueva Obituary, a resident of Chicago, Illinois – Death

“We lost a dear friend/family member yesterday! John Villanueva. We were better for knowing you! As you watch over each and every one of us, know we too will be there to protect, hold, comfort, and love the ones still here. Your memories will live on forever with everyone you touched! Ride free fam! You’re sooo missed. I can’t believe we will never see your smiling face again. Until we meet again. Bella V Anaya I love you sister. Please please be aware of motorcycle drivers, they have families too!” Source


2.  John Villanueva Obituary, of Sanger, Texas – Death

John Villanueva, 71, of Sanger, Texas, lost his long-fought battle with cancer on January 30, 2021, at his residence. He was there when he went away. On August 7, 1949, he was given the name San Juan Villanueva by his parents, Carlos and Maria (Sanchez) Villanueva. He was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. John received his secondary education at Molina High School, which was located in Corpus Christi, Texas. The wedding took place in Saint John Catholic Church in Valley View, Texas on July 6, 1968, between John and Lucia “Lucy.” John began his working career at Trinity Steele, where he remained until moving on to Peterbilt Motors in Denton, Texas, where he remained until his retirement 32 years later.

He was a man of strong religion and belonged to the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Denton, Texas, which is located in the United States. Spending time with his wife and children, cheering on his boys as they competed in barbecue contests, and talking about music were all things that brought him great joy. John enjoyed going on adventures, camping out, bowling, and playing darts. In addition to that, he was a die-hard supporter of the Dallas Cowboys. He had a reputation for being a reserved individual who exuded a commanding presence. People will always remember him singing along with the song while wearing his cowboy hat, crossing his arms across his chest, and sitting with his arms crossed. Read More Obituaries established by De Affluxes Hardes International in 2019 is a death and obituary news aggregation service that provides a nonstop flow of links to articles that have been compiled from the work of thousands of different publishers and magazines. The news of local and internal obituaries that have been posted on the Internet is the primary topic of Referetech Obituary. If you feel the need to get in touch with us, please do not delay; simply go to the “Contact us” tab on our website and send us an e-mail. We will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

John Villanueva Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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