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Jim Mueller Death
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Jim Mueller Obituary: Jim Mueller, a beloved figure in the Cleveland sports media who was known as the “Voice of the Browns” from 1975 until 1995, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 79. Jim Donovan, the current play-by-play voice for the Browns and the person who succeeded Mueller as the Voice of the Browns in 1999, broke the news of Mueller’s passing on Sunday during the Browns’ preseason game against the Eagles. Donovan first worked with Mueller when he was a sports anchor at WKYC and later succeeded him as the Browns’ play-by-play voice. Mueller was the voice of the Browns during some of their most successful eras in franchise history, including the Kardiac Kids era and the Bernie Kosar era, and he served in this capacity for the entirety of the franchise’s existence. He collaborated on the team’s radio broadcasts with well-known radio voices such as Gib Shanley, Nev Chandler, and Doug Dieken. In addition to football, Mueller’s other major passion was auto racing. During the entirety of his career with NASCAR, he was an announcer for the public address system and also called races on the radio for the Daytona 500. However, in Cleveland, he was known for his zeal and pointed commentary during some of the greatest moments in Browns history. In addition, he was regarded as a reliable resource for anything and everything related to Cleveland sports. During the course of his career, he worked for Fox8 News and WKYC in addition to calling games for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Indians.   Full Obituary

James “Jim” A. Mueller Obituary: James “Jim” A. Mueller, 81 years old and a resident of Clintonville, Ohio, passed away early in the morning of January 28, 2022 at Aster Assisted Living in Clintonville, Ohio. He was a Clintonville resident. James “Jim” Arthur Mueller was born on May 15, 1940 in Greenville, Wisconsin. He was the son of the late Roger and Almira (Thiele) Mueller and was given the name James “Jim” Arthur Mueller. James “Jim” Arthur Mueller is the full form of his name. In 1958, when Jim graduated with the rest of his class from Seymour High School, he immediately started working on the family farm alongside his father. At the same time, Jim also started working for Kuehne Implement as an assembler. After that, in the year 1960, he joined the United States Air Force with the intention of serving his country in some capacity. His first assignment was at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii; later, during the war in Vietnam, he would leave Hawaii and travel to Vietnam to bring supplies and set up military bases there. His first assignment was at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. On November 30, 1963, he and Alice Robley became husband and wife at the Ascension Lutheran Church in Navarino. During the ceremony, they exchanged vows and committed their lives to one another.   Full Obituary

Jim Seals Obituary: Seals later commented that “it was our ignorance that we didn’t know that kind of thing was seething and boiling as a social issue … If we’d known it was going to cause such disunity, we might have thought twice about doing it. At the time it overshadowed all the other things we were trying to say in our music.” It earned them the “Keep Her in Her Place” award from the National Organisation for Women in their 1974 roundup of male chauvinism. The album still made the US Top 20, but Seals and Crofts had reached their commercial peak. Their albums there on described a downward trajectory in the charts (though 1975’s Greatest Hits reached No 11 and registered double platinum in the US) and their final Top 10 single was Get Closer (1976), with guest vocals by Carolyn Willis. Born in Sidney, Texas, Jim was the son of Wayland Seals and his wife, Susan (nee Taylor). Wayland worked as a pipe-fitter for the Shell oil company in the Yates oilfield. Jim grew up in Iraan in Pecos County, and was encouraged to make music by his father, a skilled guitar player who performed with Tex Collins and the Tom Cats, and the Oil Patch Boys. When Jim showed an interest in the fiddle, his father bought him one from a Sears catalogue. Jim proved a fast learner and won several competitions, including the Texas state fiddle championship. There was enough musical talent in the household to form the impromptu Seals Family Band, including Jim’s younger brother, Danny, who would later form half of the successful duo England Dan & John Ford Coley. Jim also learned the saxophone, which he played with Dean Beard and the Crew Cats. He met Crofts when he replaced the Crew Cats’ drummer at short notice, and the pair struck up a rapport. They then both joined the Champs (best known for their hit Tequila, though Seals and Crofts didn’t play on it), with whom they moved to California.   Full Obituary

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Jim Mueller Obituary, Death, Funeral Information
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