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Jim. Jim Jennings Obituary Newyork, NY: Jim. Jim Jennings, Experimental Filmmaker Dies, at Age 71. Jim Jennings, who was a prominent figure in the universe of experimental film, passed away on May 19, 2022 after a protracted battle with illness. His films, which are almost always silent and shot in black and white on 16mm film, are lauded for the formal compositions, arresting reflections and shadows, and fluid camerawork that they feature. James Robertson Jennings was the youngest of three children born to opera singer Ruth White Jennings and educator John Darling Jennings. James Robertson Jennings was born in Danbury, Connecticut in the year 1951. His parents were early and ardent supporters of the modern civil rights movement. He is the son of such parents. The Jennings family made their home at Tarrywile, an estate that encompassed 820 acres and had been purchased by Jennings’ great-grandfather Charles Darling Parks, an industrialist. The Tarrywile estate, which was acquired by the city of Danbury in 1985, is now the Tarrywile Park, which is the largest municipal park in the state of Connecticut. Full Obituary

James T. Jennings Obituary, Mt. Bethel, PA: James T. Jennings, a resident of Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania, who had previously lived in Blairstown, New Jersey, passed away on December 7, 2014 at the Lehigh Valley Care Hospice in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was 53 years old. On June 23, 1961, he was born in Hackensack, New Jersey to his parents, William G. Jennings and Eileen (Hagan) Jennings, who has since passed away. James established Waterbucket Media, a company that specializes in marketing and advertising, and he also owned it. His tenure as Commissioner of the National Lacrosse League came to an end many years ago. Full Obituary

James Edwin “Jim” Jennings Obituary, Coral: James Edwin “Jim” Jennings, who was 72 years old and lived in Coral, died at Indiana Regional Medical Center on November 9, 2021. He was born on September 2, 1949 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and his parents were the late Richard C. Jennings and Frances Edith (Stewart). He was their son. He worked at FMC in Homer City for 30 years, and then he worked at Homer City Automation in Homer City for 5 years after that. He was a member of the Luther Chapel Lutheran Church in Coral, Pennsylvania. He had served in the United States Army for some time and was currently stationed in Germany. On March 15, 1975, Jim wed the woman who would become the love of his life. In 1967, he was a member of the inaugural group of students to graduate from Homer Center High School. His class has maintained their close friendships to this day. Full Obituary

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