Jessy Jacob harassed many dogs

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Jessy Jacob harassed many dogs

Jessy is famous because she is an influencer on social media on the internet and is currently in the news for bullying dogs and saying bad things to other people’s dogs. I don’t know how a person can be so disgusting that if he had a dog still insulting another dog, we need to understand them as humans. 

If we show this kind of behavior, then I’m sorry we are on the path to cruel humanity, just like Jesse Jacob in one video posted on her TikTok account. After that, she gained a lot of popularity, and it is said that the video was taken because it violated the rule of TikTok.

Video of harassing dog goes viral:-

She is well known for her videos, and her very recent video got viral in which she harassed one dog and did not apologize for that. 

She had a very close relationship with her dog still, and she insults other dogs, which may contribute surprisingly that’s why her video is getting viral and once; her account was also get deactivated by Tik Tok, and she had thousands of followers on the video, but that video is violated the site’s regulations and it contains a kind of sensitive information.

Personal information about Jessy Jacob:-

She did not reveal her age, but we can say that she had an approx age of 20. All things drew our attention to that viral video in which she harassed many dogs. Still, no one knows what her real name is, and on TikTok, she does not show much detail about her personal life. 

She looks like an American, and many people comment rudely about her life, but according to her, she is right. But that did make any sense. You cannot be correct by hurting innocent animals.

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