Jesse Owens Shooting: shooting at Tucson’s Jesse Owens Park

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Jesse Owens Shooting – Late on June 4, an officer-involved shooting at Tucson’s Jesse Owens Park resulted in a fatality. A TPD K9 Officer was in Jesse Owens Park, 400 S. Sarnoff Rd., shortly after 8 o’clock on an unrelated problem. The K9 officer was waved down by a woman who claimed to have been the victim of a domestic violence but was unharmed while they were both in the park. The victim gave the police the last place the culprit was seen, and they sent more policemen to help in the hunt.

Officers discovered the man toward the far western end of the park with a sharp-edged weapon with the assistance of the TPD Air Unit. The suspect was spoken to by police after they repeatedly ordered him to drop the firearm, but they claim he refused. The guy was still being spoken to by the officers when, according to reports, he started moving closer to them while brandishing a weapon. The suspect was then hit by two police officers who had just fired their weapons.

Jesse Owens Shooting: shooting at Tucson’s Jesse Owens Park

The ATPD K9 was made available to help catch the culprit. Before Tucson Fire arrived to help, officers started providing aid right away using their Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK). Despite attempts to save his life, the suspect was declared dead at the spot. Raymond Edwards, a 45-year-old suspect, was named. His passing has been reported to his family.

Sergeants and detectives from the department’s Office of Professional Standards as well as detectives from the Tucson Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit responded to carry out the investigation. The criminal aspect of the investigation is being handled by the Violent Crimes Unit.

The Office of Professional Standards is also investigating the department employees’ behavior in a second, concurrent administrative probe. This is the accepted procedure in all shootings involving officers. Both members of the general population and officers were unharmed. Officer Chad Barker, a six-year member of the Tucson Police Department, and Sergeant Richard Legarra, a 16-year veteran of the department, are the officers involved in the incident.

More information will be given as the investigation goes on.