Jerrold Stitt III death, 36-year-old missing Jerrold reportedly found dead

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Jerrold Stitt III Death, according to a website named Top Infoguide, 36-year-old Jerrold Stitt III who was initially reported missing by Baltimore County Police Department has been found dead. The initial report on sudden disappearance of Jerrold Stitt was posted on Twitter on July 26th, 2022. The post was later updated with Jerrold being found.

The reported as posted on Twitter described that Jerrold “is 5’9 and weighs roughly 260 pounds. He was last seen #today in the area of Franklin Square Drive around 2 p.m. If located, please call 410-887-5000. Mr. Stitt was last seen wearing a dark baseball cap, coral colored shirt and dark shorts.”

Police later made an update on the post but didn’t mention he was found dead. However, the website mentioned above reported that Jerrold was found and he was dead at the time he was located. We will be looking out for further details on this post and will update it as it comes.