Jay Guy Wadsworth Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1. Jay Guy Wadsworth Obituary, of Lubbock – Death

The names of the people who were engaged in the collision that ended in a fatality have been made public by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Robert Alvin Stevens and Robbie Jean Stevens, the drivers of the pickup trucks, were injured in the collision and were taken to University Medical Center to receive treatment for their injuries. Unfortunately, Jay Guy Wadsworth, 85, from Lubbock was pronounced deceased at the site as a consequence of injuries acquired during the collision. These injuries were caused by the accident. A collision involving many vehicles occurred in the 4200 block of E. in Lubbock, and deputies from the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office and state troopers from the DPS responded to the scene. FM 1585.

The call came in at approximately 8:45 o’clock in the evening. The Department of Public Safety has verified that a farm tractor was making an attempt to cross the road at the 4300 block of E. FM 1585. On FM 1585, a westbound pickup truck was involved in a collision with a tractor that occurred while the truck was crossing. A second pickup truck, which was also moving in an easterly direction, collided with the wreckage that was already on the road. The injuries the operator of the tractor got in the collision ultimately proved fatal, and he passed away as a result. Both the driver of the second truck and a female passenger from the first vehicle were sent to the hospital for treatment of injuries after the collision. Source


2. James T. Wadsworth Obituary, of New Haven – Death

James “Jay” Taylor WADSWORTH Jr. The “Jay” T. James On January 24, 2015, Wadsworth, Jr., who resided in West Palm Beach and was 76 years old, passed away. On May 12, 1938, he was welcomed into the world by his parents, James T. Wadsworth and Elizabeth A. Wadsworth, in New Haven, Connecticut. He attended St. Ann’s High School and graduated there. Jay was a soldier in the United States. After serving in the Marine Corps and then working as a police officer in West Palm Beach, he went on to become a journeyman electrician and a licensed Florida general contractor.

On December 19, 1975, Jay wed Sherry, the woman he had loved since childhood and who is still alive.  He is survived by his daughters, Laura Wadsworth Hadgigeorge and Lista Wadsworth Faircloth; his son, Cord Wadsworth; his stepson, Brian Lee (Melissa); and his stepdaughter, Lora Lane (Richard); his grandchildren, Leah Hadgigeorge Maas, Landon Portilla, Armani Portilla, Julia Lane, Cristina Lane, and Malia Lee; and his great-granddaughter, Emma A Memorial Service will be conducted at Dorsey-E on Saturday, February 7, 2015 from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM in honor of the deceased. The Earl Smith Memory Gardens Funeral Home is located in Lake Worth, Florida at 3041 Kirk Road. Source

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Jay Guy Wadsworth Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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