Jaspreet Bal Death, Obituary and Funeral Information

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1. Jaspreet Bal Death, Facebook Tribute – Obituary

“Jaspreet Bal – Rest in Peace [*] It is with very deep sadness that I write to formally let you know that Jaspreet Bal suddenly died on Saturday morning in a Budapest hospital. She was being looked after in the ICU – and slipped away from us peacefully without pain. Her body will be repatriated in due course and the funeral will be in Glasgow, Scotland. When there is further news, I will let you know. Jas leaves behind a loving, but devastated, husband and family – and cherished friends. If any of you want to say a few words in her memory, email them to me and we will print them in a card for her. Goodbye dear Jas, you are loved and will be sorely missed.” Source

2.Nicholas P. Bal Death, of Escanaba– Obituary

MARQUETTE After battling an illness for the previous three months, Nicholas P. Bal, age 52, of 2163 Huron Street in Marquette, Michigan, passed away peacefully at his home on Saturday morning, April 16, 2011. Nick Bal was reared in Gladstone and received his high school diploma from Gladstone High School in 1976. Nick was the son of Joseph and Beverly (Smith) Bal and was born in Escanaba on June 13, 1958. He attended the Chicago campus of the DeVry Institute of Technology and graduated with an associate’s degree in Electronic Technician studies. After that, he started what would become a career with WE Energies that would last for 33 years, beginning in the Operations Department of the Presque Isle Power Plant.

In 1989, he participated in an interview for the management post of Electrical Supervisor and was ultimately given the position. He held this position for 14 years before being promoted to the position of Maintenance Planner. In 2007, Nick was promoted to the role of Outage Manager, in which capacity he worked to enhance a variety of aspects pertaining to the scheduling, planning, and execution of outages. Nick worked at the Presque Isle Power Plant for a total of 33 years, 22 of which were spent in supervisory or management positions. During this time, he garnered the respect and admiration of his coworkers, who frequently remarked on how much he seemed to take pleasure in his work and how much it brought him satisfaction.  Read more

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Jaspreet Bal Death, Obituary and Funeral Information
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