Jason Hager Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1. Jason Hager Obituary, Facebook tribute – Death

How does one summarize a lifetime of memories crammed into just a few short years? My heart hurts this morning…for all of Oakland baseball, volleyball, spouses, and everyone who was blessed to meet and know Jason Hager. It literally was yesterday becoming bored in my apartment and always waltzing over to his. Finding him and all our friends blasting the Goo Goo Dolls and playing COD on their headsets. Random Sunday nights, taking my popcorn and Gatorade bottle spiked with Burnett’s in the off-season, watching football with him on the couch – only for us to really watch Mark Ingram play, as you were so proud of where you came from. Jason and I connected freshman year in the fashionable “opposites attract.” Jason was known for his stoic, sullen, witty humor – and me, well, you couldn’t stop the sunshine. I know everyone says (and I firmly too believe) guys and girls can’t be friends – but if you knew Oakland Volleyball and Baseball and the Class of 2013…it’s like Rob and Moose purposefully recruited several players to have a sibling-type bond. We were blessed that all of us were so close, for so many years. We were family. Jason was a constant and consistent piece in everyone’s life, with so much love and compassion behind that tough exterior. I always felt it was my goal and duty to put a smile on his face. Though he cringed on the outside, I think that’s why he liked my company, too. I could always rely on Jason to just hang out and watch sports with me, listen to music and do our homework together from our classes, hanging out at baseball games, seeing him and all of our friends in the stands, fist-pumping until the wee hours of the morning in apartment parties, the belly laughs and inside jokes to last a lifetime. There’s only one other person who likes the Goo Goo Dolls more than me, and that’s Jason Hager. You can see our video from 2010 when just he and I went to the concert, I took a video with my digital camera and got a picture with him and John Reznik together. We both shook his hand. One of my favorite stories to this day – Ben and I just met and I threw an apartment party in Oakland. Volleyball parties were filled with lots of dancing, fun, and loud music. Well, nothing like the OUPD knocking on the door telling everyone to scramble. 2 am in the morning, cleaning up my apartment, 30 minutes after everyone left, out from under my sink pops Jason…. who hid and fell asleep under there waiting for the police to leave. “JASON!” I said. “What up, Holbrook!” … walked across the hall to go back to his room. If you went to OU, you then reminisced all of the memories at the OU Caf in Vandy. Such special memories you will never forget. These weekly rituals were brought to an end with graduation and everyone pursuing their careers. We all got more mature, parties dwindled, weddings attended, and the frequent meetings naturally end….but one thing you can’t take away or describe was the lifetime of memories Jason provided for hundreds of people. My heart is with all of Oakland Baseball and everyone who was blessed to know Jason. I clicked on the “See Friendship” button between Hager and me. And boy, I found some gems. I love you, Jason. Thank you for always being there for me, your friendship, laughs, memories, and who you were to everyone I know and love. Source


Jason Hager Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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