Janey Leigh Humphryes Obituary Death and Funeral Information

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Janey Leigh Humphryes Obituary – Death which also includes the cause of death details has been posted online by individuals and internet media. You are invited by Referetech Obituaries to leave messages of condolence and memories of Janey Leigh Humphryes in the Guest Book which may be found below. You can find the most recent obituary of Janey Leigh Humphryes as well as information about the service by clicking on the obituaries’ links below. Check The Below Results For Janey Leigh Humphryes Obituary, Death, And Funeral Information


1. Janey Leigh Humphryes Obituary – Death

CH, Fla. (WMBB) — According to the Panama City Beach Police Department, a woman from Panama City Beach whose body was discovered in the early hours of Tuesday morning has been identified, but the reason for her passing is still unknown. A call to 911 was received early on Tuesday morning, and officers went to the situation. When they came, they discovered Janey Leigh Humphryes, who was 57 years old, lying on the ground on the 17000 block of Back Beach road. According to the report, a child aged 4 fled the room before falling off the balcony.
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2. Paul Humphreys Obituary – Death

On August 9, a glioblastoma took the life of Paul Humphreys, who was the Commonwealth Professor of Philosophy at the University of Virginia. He passed away in peace. He is survived by his devoted family, which includes his wife Diane Snustad and his daughters Emily (Nick) and Alexandra a€oeAlliea€ Humphreys. He will be greatly missed. In addition to his granddaughter, Sophie, he is survived by his sister Rosemary Upsdell (Norman), his brother Mark Humphreys, and a large number of members of his extended family.

In the year 1950, Paul Humphreys was welcomed into the world by his parents, William and Christina. He is a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) graduate. graduation from the University of Sussex in 1971 with a degree in Logic and Physics. He obtained a Master of Science degree from Stanford University, which prompted his move to the United States for further education. in Statistics, as well as the M.A. in the field of Philosophy in 1974, followed by a Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1976. Read More

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Janey Leigh Humphryes Obituary Death and Funeral Information
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