James McFarland Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1.  James McFarland Obituary, of Salem – Death

James E. McFarland, who was 72 years old and from Salem, Oregon, passed away on Saturday, August 27, 2022, at his home while his family was present. On November 29, 1949, James McFarland was born in Salem, Ohio to the late Marvin and Mildred (Taylor) McFarland. Both of his parents have since passed away. James was a devoted partner and father to his family. James took pleasure in both repairing automobiles and socializing with his friends and family.

His close friends and family members, as well as his sister Pat, were all there to comfort him in his final days. James is survived by his wife Beverly McFarland whom he married May 19, 1968; two sons James (Amanda) McFarland Jr. and Danny (Roxxi) McFarland; a sister Patty Cloud; grandchildren James III, Joshua, Julia, Nathan, Alex, and Isaac and his adopted neighborhood grandchildren Victoria, Tanner, and Kaiden Flickinger. James was preceded in death by his parents and two sisters Bonnie Hicks and Brenda McFarland. No services will be held. Read More


2. James Lynn McFarland Obituary, of Brainerd MN – Death

Jim McFarland was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 10, 1951. His parents were Dr. James R. McFarland and Betty (Richardson) McFarland. He spent his childhood in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and received his high school education there. Jim earned a degree in Performance of Guitar from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied for four years until graduating in 1980. Later on, he went on to earn a degree in CD Counseling and was employed in that profession up to the time of his retirement.

Jim had a second career as a musician, performing with a number of bands over the course of his life. He was renowned for his exceptional ability to play the guitar. His extensive understanding of musical composition and theory inspired awe in many around him. In addition to his musical friends and family, he had strong ties to the Native American community and culture, AA Groups, and was particularly close to members of ‘Course in Miracles’ who shared his enthusiasm for the program. Read More

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James McFarland Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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