Jack Steen Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1.  Jack Whittington Steen Sr. Obituary, of Corpus Christi, Texas – Death

On May 12, 1936, he was welcomed into the world in Corpus Christi, Texas, by his parents, George Vernon “Jack” Steen and Ruby Inez Harris. Jack received his education at Wynn Seale Junior High and then continued on to W.B. Ray High School. In 1958, he uprooted his life and went to McAllen, Texas, where he began his career as an air conditioning mechanic and continued working in that capacity up until the time of his retirement. In 1968, he relocated back to the city he had grown up in and started the Ja-Co Air Conditioning Company there.

He was an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys, as well as hunting and fishing. He leaves behind a legacy of kindness toward others, as well as many cherished friends and family members. His mother and father, as well as his brother Jeffry Lynn Steen of Teague, Texas, and his lifelong lover Linda O’Neil, all passed away before he did. Survivors include his son, Jack Steen Jr (Linda) of Richmond, Texas, his brother Marcus Steen (Linda) of Teague, Texas, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and many others to whom he was a loving father and mentor. Full Obituary


2. John “Jack” Steen Obituary, of Dennisport, Massachusetts – Death

Jack had lived on Cape Cod for a very long time and had been a resident of the Clipper Lane House for the majority of recent years. Jack spent his boyhood and early adulthood in Mariemont, Ohio, and it was there that he received his high school diploma. Jack was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, although he spent his childhood and early years there. He spent every summer of his boyhood and adolescence at his cherished island cabin in Lake Wentworth, which is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

He returned every year to be able to reconnect with the sense of calm and safety that he experienced there. Jack was known by those who knew him to be a gentle, gracious, kind, and generous person who never missed an opportunity to express gratitude for his life, even in the face of enduring hardship, disappointment, or challenge. Jack’s lifelong struggle with severe mental illness was something that he handled with grace, and those who knew him understood him to be this person. Jack was a talented musician who believed that music had the power to heal. Full Obituary

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Jack Steen Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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