Ivo Eugene Lindauer Death, Obituary and Funeral Information

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1. Ivo Eugene Lindauer Death, Facebook Tribute – Obituary

The Historical Society is saddened at the loss of Dr. Ivo Eugene Lindauer, who passed away peacefully at home with family the evening of September 14, 2022, at 91 years of age. Ivo was born at home on the East Fork of Parachute Creek in 1931 to Paul R. and Bessie Elizabeth Lindauer (Shults). He left behind a spirit of adventure, education, and perseverance throughout his lifetime as a professor, botanist, historian, rancher, traveler, and a loved father, grandfather, and friend. Ivo’s Funeral Service will be held on Saturday, September 24th at 2:00 pm at the Grand Valley United Methodist Church in Parachute, Colorado. The following was written by the Grand Valley Historical Society President Judith Hayward to the Lindauer Family:
As President of the Historical Society, I was so appreciative of all the help and support Ivo and BJ Lindauer gave to the Society. Ivo was one of the first persons to step up, as the Society was being started, and became the Vice President. His help in doing grant applications as well as securing the transfer of the Battlement Mesa Schoolhouse property from the Community Trust to our Society was invaluable. BJ stepped in when we needed a secretary on the Board, and she was the “Spark” with so many ideas. She always gave 150% in everything she did and her positive attitude was always welcomed. Ivo and BJ’s memory will not be forgotten, as well as the publication of Ivo’s book, “Up the Creek”, as a wonderful resource of our local history to the society and the community. Source

2. Ivo Eugene Lindauer Death, Of – Obituary

On the evening of September 14, 2022, at the age of 91, Dr. Ivo Eugene Lindauer passed away in the comfort of his own home, surrounded by his family. As a professor, botanist, historian, rancher, and traveler throughout his life, as well as a cherished father, grandpa, and friend, Ivo has left behind a legacy that celebrates the spirit of exploration, the pursuit of knowledge, and unyielding determination. Ivo was born in 1931 to parents Paul R. and Bessie Elizabeth Lindauer on the family farm located on the East Fork of Parachute Creek (Shults). Ivo was the oldest of five children; his siblings were named Zelmo, Iola, Sydney, and Lynda.

After Ivo’s great-grandfather Peter “Pete” Joseph Lindauer, one of the earliest pioneers into Western Colorado, settled in the Parachute area in the early 1890s, the Lindauer family lived along Parachute Creek and raised cattle and horses. Ivo Lindauer was one of the first people to settle in the Parachute area. Ivo’s parents made the decision in 1937 to move closer to town, so they sold their property on East Fork, which was located 11 miles north of Parachute, in exchange for the ranch that is now owned by Lloyd Blue and Lindauer. His daughter Sarah Del Orona (Lindauer) and her husband Howie Orona currently live on the ranch, which is the last remaining original homestead on Parachute Creek.   Read more

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Ivo Eugene Lindauer Death, Obituary and Funeral Information
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