Is Lil Tecca Dead or Alive? New Lil Tecca Death Hoax and Obituary Surfaces

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After a story about fake news broke, the rapper known as Ransom had no choice but to dispel rumors that he had been killed. A recent news item that surfaced online said that Lil Tecca, a rapper who was 17 years old at the time, had been killed in a shooting. This left admirers of the artist bewildered.

Fans were eager to share their confusion on social media, with a number of fans asking each other whether or not there was any truth to the tale, and even tweeting Lil Tecca himself to find out whether or not he was dead.

@liltecca Why do people keep stating that you’ve passed away?

— Stxnny, written by Chase Birmingham (@Stxnny) September 15, 2019
Does anybody have any idea whether or if Tecca is still alive?

the 16th of September, 2019 — livy (@bruhhitzlivy)
Thankfully, it was determined that the reports that Lil Tecca had passed away were false, and the rapper took to Twitter in order to partake in the uncertainty around the shooting tale.

Lil Tecca responded to a supporter’s inquiry about the fabricated tale by stating that “they want attention” and writing on his account that “n***as believe anything onna internet.” He was denying the rumors that were circulating about his passing at the time.