Alinity’s very “pregnant” picture on Twitter surprised not only Mizkif, but also her fans, who began to think that the streamer was also expecting.

Alinity played a similar joke on Mizkif before when she said on a stream that she was pregnant and didn’t know who the father was.

Let us tell you, though, that the streamer won’t be pregnant in 2022.

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Alinity reveals off fake youngster bump?

Alinity sent her Twitter followers into a frenzy today (June 17) when she posted a picture of herself with a full-grown baby bump.

She wrote “Yo @REALMizkif” next to it. I think that the baby will be here soon! You’d better be ready to be a dad.”

The post got a lot of attention when famous streamers and internet personalities talked about how they felt about the fake pregnancy news.

Susu tweeted, “Can I have the placenta?,” while OTK posted an animated picture of Alinity and Mizkif’s made-up child.

Mizkif was very surprised by the news, so in response to Alinity’s post, he just tweeted a row of question marks.

In the next tweet, he sent Alinity a “Gone Fishing” sign as a joke for calling him the father of her child.

No, the streamer isn’t pregnant?

Alinity isn’t really pregnant, because she has already admitted that she made a similar joke to prank Mizkif.

During a stream in May 2022, Alinity told Mizkif that she was pregnant just to see what he would do.

Alinity said, “I’m just trolling” when people were almost ready to believe her and Mizkif asked her to swear that she wasn’t joking.

Also, none of the streamer’s most recent Instagram photos show any signs of being pregnant, unlike the one with the baby bump she posted today.

Just two weeks ago, Alinity posted a picture of herself next to a pot. In that picture, there was no sign that she was pregnant. There’s no way she could have gone from that to having a baby bump of a fully grown child in just a few weeks.

So, it’s clear that she was just playing a joke on Mizkf over and over again.

Mizkif beforehand dated Maya?

Alinity and Mizkif haven’t gone beyond being friends with each other, but Mizkif was in a relationship with Maya.

Mizkif and Maya were probably one of the most popular “couples” on the internet, and their relationship had inspired a lot of people. They seemed to be going well, and some people even thought they would get married in the end.

But in a tweet posted on September 15, Mizkif said that he and Maya had decided to break up because they wanted to focus on their own lives.

He told them, “Maya and I have decided to end our relationship. We both want to make it clear that there was no event, no cheating, and no drama that led to this decision. We both agreed that this is the best thing for both of us at this time.”

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