‘I wish I could help save her:’ witness describes aftermath of deadly accident

‘I wish I could help save her:’ witness describes aftermath of deadly accident – Car Accident

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – Two young people are dead after an accident caused by a wrong-way driver near the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge.

“I know what her parents are feeling right now and I wish I could comfort them because I know what it feels like,” said Franklin Faircloth, who saw the aftermath of the accident.

Faircloth was on the way to a friend’s house in Wilmington when he saw the cars involved in the accident come to a stop after the collision. Several people, including Faircloth, jumped out of their own cars and tried ready to help in any way they could.

“There were black and white people, Mexican people out there, Hispanic people,” said Faircloth. “They were all just trying to save those poor people that got in a wreck.”

One man helped Faircloth peel open the door of the car involved, revealing the driver inside: 20-year-old Mirella Elliott.

For the next 12 minutes, Faircloth says he did CPR trying to save her life. He says others nearby told him they believed it was too late but he remained hopeful until he heard sirens in the distance and first responders arrived on the scene.

“I whispered the name of Jesus in her ear several times,” said Faircloth, who says he saw his own daughter in Elliott. “I really feel like that right there was when I really felt her respond moreso than just anything else. I think he took her home right then.”

The person in the other vehicle, 25-year-old Brandon Perry, also died in the accident.

Faircloth lost his wife to COVID not long ago and couldn’t be with her in the hospital, so this hit close to home…

“She had to die alone, but that girl last night didn’t have to and I saw to it that she didn’t,” said Faircloth.

Troopers say it was Elliott’s vehicle traveling west in the eastbound lanes that led to the accident. As for what led to her driving in those lanes, that is still under investigation.

Despite the tragic outcome, Faircloth says he wouldn’t do anything differently.

“I was thanking God this morning when I got up that he put me in the position that he did. I’d have it no other way.”

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