'I almost lost my life' - Aron Canet admits trauma in car accident

‘I almost lost my life’ – Aron Canet admits trauma in car accident – Car Accident

On 11 November last, Aron Canet was involved in a road accident in Spain. The rider of the car lost control when accelerating at the exit of a curve and ended up crashing into a wall.

Canet and the other person, who was at the wheel, got out of the car on their own feet. The rider was uninjured, while Canet broke his nose and was admitted to the hospital on a precautionary basis, having lost consciousness for several minutes after the accident.

‘We went to Alzira in ‘Track Mode’ and she was driving it, she didn’t like it and I put it in ‘Eco’ mode, what’s wrong? That the ‘Eco’ mode is in the centre, and you can switch off the traction control […]. We were going smoothly. She opened the throttle coming out of a corner and skidded with such bad luck that there was a wall […]. I get anxious just remembering it. It’s something I don’t like to talk about because it’s a really traumatic experience for me. I almost lost my life. She was fine, we got out of the car, and when I turned around and saw the broken car it was brutal, I didn’t expect it… we got out, she was fine, I had a broken nose, and then I fainted, I don’t know if it was from the shock, the tension, or the impact. I just woke up in hospital. I’ve had a hell of a week’, the rider told broadcaster DAZN, quoted by TodoCircuito.

Canet will compete this weekend at Sachsenring after a visit to the medical centre at the German circuit.