HTC will re-enter the smartphone market on June 28 with a new announcement. The phone is said to have something to do with the company’s Viverse metaverse, though details are still few.
HTC initially teased the phone in March, just after announcing Viverse. HTC announced this week that it will have an event on June 28 to unveil its first big smartphone in a long time. The announcement came with few information, but the teaser displays a very distinct sketch of a smartphone, replete with what appears to be a portal to the metaverse.

HTC had hinted to the phone’s existence in March(opens in new tab), but provided little specifics. At the very least, this recent social media post(opens in new tab) includes a photo of the phone’s form, which includes some plush rounded corners and tactile buttons on the sides. That final point is noteworthy because HTC released a “buttonless” phone called the HTC U12(opens in new tab) back in 2018, and it’s been a while since HTC developed a truly amazing Android phone (opens in new tab).

HTC’s effort into its own metaverse garnered some criticism when it was first announced, as it appears to be a standalone virtual environment rather than one that works with other metaverse concepts. It’s unclear which devices will support HTC’s metaverse at this time, but you can bet this forthcoming phone will be included.

When Mark Zuckerberg revealed Meta’s concept of the metaverse(opens in new tab), the firm made a point of addressing the idea of allowing other parties to generate content. Furthermore, Zuckerberg emphasized that the metaverse isn’t just for VR headsets, but that other devices, such as smartphones, would play a key part in bringing people into the virtual reality.