How did Tirany Savage death Die? What happened to Tirany Savage death?

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How did Tirany Savage death Die? What happened to Tirany Savage death?

Tirany Savage death: Four family members dead in an apparent murder-suicide after being denied protection

A Michigan native named Tirany Savage had died alongside her three family members after the court denied her protection against her husband.

Other than Tirany, people who died include her 13 years old son, Dayton Cowdrey, her 58 years old mother, Kim Lynnette Ebright and her 35 years old husband, Bo Eugene.

Tirany accused her husband, Bo, of threatening to kill or physically harm her-

Police authorities were called to a residence in Houghton Lake after two individuals reported seeing bodies inside a property.

Sheriff’s deputies reached the residence at 3.30 am on Sunday, July 10.

According to the sources, all the people died due to gunshot wounds. The entire incident is looked over as murder-suicide.

The deceased are the residents of the house they were found in, and according to the police officials, the crime scene and entire incident is a ‘horrific and senseless tragedy.’ It is not yet discovered who was the shooter among the four people, and there is no speculation about anybody else’s involvement.

Why did Tirany file the protection order against her husband?

A personal protection order filed through the 34th Circuit Court in Michigan against Bo Eugene was submitted on June 24. However, Judge Troy B denied it on the 27th, stating that it doesn’t have enough evidence.

According to the sources, Tirany justified the order filing by stating that her husband was having an affair. It is unclear whether Tirany objected to the Judge’s decision or not.

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