How did Paul Ryder Die? What happened to Paul Ryder?

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How did Paul Ryder Die? What happened to Paul Ryder?

Happy Mondays Bassist, Paul Ryder, dies at 58

The brother of singer Shaun and bassist of Manchester-based band Happy Mondays, Paul Ryder, died at the age of 58. Confirmation of the same came from his brother through a statement posted by him on Twitter. The tweet stated that he was a pioneer and that he would forever be missed.

Who was Paul Ryder? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

He was the bassist of the band Happy Mondays; the band found its fame in the Manchester era of the late 1980s and early 1990s with hits like Step On and Kinky Afro. They produced music with a mix of funky rock grooves and dance rhythms which used to appeal to indie fans and clubbers.

The band was formed in Salford in the year 1980 with Mark Day and Gary Whelan as members and later signed up with Factory Records and released their debut album in 1987.

They rose to fame when the 1990’s Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches loosened the boundaries between Indie and rave. The band fell apart when the Ryder brothers battled their cocaine addiction during the sessions of their fourth album. It was reformed in 1999, but Paul backed out again due to a fallout with his brother and did not join again until 2012.

Major reactions to Paul’s death:

Ian Brown, the Frontman of The Stone Roses, one of the city’s biggest groups, was among one of the first people to pay tributes to Paul. He wrote on Twitter that Paul was a great friend, a great musician, and a great fella.

Other famous names that paid heart-felt tributes to Paul include Ex-Hacienda nightclub DJ Graeme Park, Former Ride guitarist Andy Bell, Ex Oasis guitarist Paul Bonehead Arthurs and author Irvine Welsh. 

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