How did Holly Cantrell Die? What happened to Holly Cantrell?

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How did Holly Cantrell Die? What happened to Holly Cantrell?

Holly Cantrell: California woman found dead after missing in 2017

Holly Cantrell was reported missing on January 20, 2017. Supposedly she left her office at 11.56 am to have lunch and never returned. She was working at McAlester regional health center.

Holly was born and raised in California and later moved to Oklahoma. She was 40 years old when she went missing. 

Who killed Holly Cantrell?

Inquiry of murder in Holly’s case started after her body was found; despite having limited pieces of evidence, the police department is trying its best to bring her justice.

At the time of her disappearance, two people were suspected, namely Cody and Tommy, but after a thorough investigation, no proof could be found against them. As of now, no potential suspect has been identified by police, but the investigation is going on in full flow.

Around 11.56, Holly was seen leaving her workplace in a green pickup truck, hauling another individual. At that time, she was wearing a green hospital scrub. A person also told the investigators that he saw her in a nearby restaurant at 12.30 pm, but no records of her whereabouts could be found.

Holly Cantrell 2022 updates-

According to Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris, Holly’s bone fragments were found in an area near McAlester. Morris also claimed that the investigation is not at a halt despite having very little evidence. Police are working towards arresting them so that justice could be provided to her family.

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