Herb Kohler Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1. Herb Kohler Obituary, Martin Dempster Tribute – Death

Sad to hear that Herb Kohler passed away at the weekend. Will never forget a night hosted by him not long after he bought the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews in 2004 and he sent me a lovely gift after we’d done an interview when he visited Edinburgh. A lovely man. Read More


2. Melvin Herb obituary – Death

Mel was a proud veteran of World War II, during which he served with the United States Navy as a Signalman aboard a variety of service vessels. His service lasted from 1942 until 1945. After finishing his time in the Navy, he worked for White Westinghouse in a variety of capacities until he eventually retired there. Mel was a member of the VFW Local Post 3424 for the previous 50 years and served as its Past Commander.

In addition to that, he liked going camping at Deer Creek and Southeast Conservation Club, gardening, spending the winters in Florida, fishing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, dancing at the VFW, playing an occasional round of golf, watching the Cincinnati Reds!, and dominating friendly games of shuffleboard, bingo, poker, and euchre. Mel was a man of strong character who put in a lot of effort for his family and attended Corpus Christi Catholic Church. Read More

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Herb Kohler Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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