Heights reader backs active-shooter drills, police officers in KISD schools | Letters to the Editor

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Heights reader backs active-shooter drills, police officers in KISD schools | Letters to the Editor

RE: KDH July 10, front-page headline: “SECRETLY SAFE — KISD board to dive into how to keep local students safe with combat style medical training and more. The board will meet behind closed doors for some discussion.”

I am not quite sure of the title “Secretly Safe” or “The board will meet behind closed doors…” However, I do think it is a good idea to teach teachers, staff, and students basic “combat-style medical training and more.”

I remember learning these two maxims in Army Basic Training: (1) Stop the Bleeding and (2) Treat for Shock!

I also believe that it is good idea for mandatory emergency drills to keep teachers, staff and students as protected or removed from an active shooter as possible.

Keeping records of this training will also help ensure the training is done regularly to maintain focus on school safety like fire drills. Will this initiative by KISD save lives in the event of an active shooter? Probably.

Will this initiative keep students safe from an active shooter bent on murder and not fearing his or her own death? Probably not.

How many times have you heard it said, “The best way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a tourniquet and wound packing material.”

The most important message conveyed in this KDH article is the picture that proves to be worth at least one thousand words is “Killeen ISD police officer Quiniro Villegas (who appears to be armed) and his canine partner Sauron (named for a warrior ruler in Lord of the Rings) demonstrating their partnership at Maude Moore Wood Elementary School in 2021. The school district’s canine is trained in contraband detection and apprehension according to KISD.

In my opinion we should lock our school doors, allow only ID access to hallways and classrooms through one controlled point, teach combat style medical training and more, conduct emergency drills, and fund a well-armed police officer and a canine officer in every KISD school whenever the school building is occupied with children.

The school board should request grant money from the federal government for KISD police training, salaries, canine training, and protective equipment to keep police officers in our schools.

I will gladly help them (for free) write such grant requests. If our federal government can provide cell phones, cellular service, medical care, and air transport to two million illegal immigrants who drain our health care, overload our schools, and welfare programs, surely they can fund police protection to our American school students who are prepared to join the American workforce immediately after graduation and contribute to our communities.

Ask yourself which money is better spent — coddling border jumpers or protecting American school students?

Why do we shy away from putting armed police officers in all our schools full time? I don’t get it!

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