Heather Turner Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1. Heather Turner Obituary – Death

The sparkling personality that was Heather has moved on to greater things. August 13, 2012. She is survived by her devoted son, Cameron Lee Grose; her mother and stepfather, Tamara and Joseph Jaudon, Jr.; her father and stepmother, Robin and Hilda Turner; her sister, Holly McConnell; her niece and nephew Madison and Ryun McConnell; her brother and sister-in-law, Anthony and Jennifer Turner; her uncle, James Turner, of Cooperstown, New York, and her aunt, Tonya Blair, of Mesa, Arizona; bonus family Joseph III, Angelique

She was born in Denver, then traveled with her family to Dallas, Texas, and then settled in Hobart, New York, where she attended So. Kortright Central School until she graduated. After moving back to Denver, she earned degrees in law from both Metropolitan State College and the University of Denver College of Law. After 16 years as a brave prosecutor at the Adams County District Attorney’s Office, she was promoted to the position of Chief Trial Deputy District Attorney. Source


2. Heather Turner Obituary, born in Chillicothe  Death

Heather Turner, age 44, of Cardington, Ohio, passed away at home on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, surrounded by her devoted family members. Chillicothe, Ohio was the location of her birth on January 6, 1977. Her parents were William R. Noel and Emmalee B. (Montgomery) Eagon. Heather graduated from Delaware Hayes High School in 1995 and went on to run a private daycare business out of her home. She had a deep devotion to Jesus and strong religious convictions.

She was the leader of the Ladies Guild of the Christ the King Community Church, which she visited regularly. She was the costume designer for the thespians at church, and she appreciated the praise and worship music that was played there. Heather was an exceptional craftswoman who enjoyed cooking, baking, and sewing, and she was up for any task that was thrown her way. Heather tied the knot with Michael “Mike” Turner on the 30th of June in 2001 in Sunbury, and he is still alive. Read more

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Heather Turner Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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