Heather Gray Obituary – Death and Funeral Information

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Heather Gray Obituaries, Death And Funeral Information

The death has occurred of Heather Gray, who was an executive producer for the CBS sitcom “The Talk” as well as a former supervising producer for “The Tyra Banks Show.” She had reached the age of 50. At this time, there is no new information on Gray’s passing that can be shared.

CBS verified the news in a letter that was delivered to “The Talk” production staff as well as the press. The network reported that Gray “bravely battled unforgiving cancer” before his passing, despite the fact that the cause of death was not divulged. In the name of CBS, the following individuals penned and distributed the letter: George Cheeks, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS; David Stapf, President of CBS Studios; Kelly Kahl, President of CBS Network Entertainment; Full Obituary¬†