George Reeves Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

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George Reeves Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

George Reeves Avondale Estates: George F. Reeves, who was born in Columbia, Mississippi on October 13, 1939, and passed away in Decatur, Georgia on June 5, 2022, after a brief illness, was a resident of Avondale Estates. He was 82 years old. George received his undergraduate degree from Davidson College, then his master’s degree from Columbia Theological Seminary, and finally his doctorate from Georgia Tech. After serving as a pastor for five years, he went on to work in the computer industry, beginning with punch cards and then moving on to networking. In addition to his lifetime interest in amateur radio, he was enthusiastic about music, singing, traveling, and his family. Throughout his entire life, he was very involved in the Presbyterian Church. George is survived by his wife, Marion Reeves, of Avondale Estates; his siblings Blanche Woodiel of Missouri, Robert Reeves and his wife Barbara of California, and Carol Adams and her husband Paul of Mississippi; his children Elizabeth Randolph of Lula, Georgia, Judi Stuart of Burlington, North Carolina, G. Martin Reeves and his wife Michelle of Decatur, Georgia, and Catherine Aiken and her husband Chris Place of Avondale Estates, Georgia; as well A memorial service will take place at 10:00 AM. Full Obituary

George Reeves Obituary: Actor George Reeves, 45, who was known to youngsters all over the world as television’s Superman, shot himself in the head early yesterday morning in his Benedict Canyon home, according to the police report. Reeves shot himself in the head with a bullet. Police stated that Reeves was disheartened about the fall in his acting career since he stopped filming the Superman series, which is still running in many locations. The cause was not entirely obvious, but police indicated that Reeves was disillusioned over the slump in his acting career.

A touch of intrigue was added by his fiancee, an actress named Miss Lenore Lemmon, who is 35 years old and hails from New York. She stated that the couple was going to get married on Friday in Tijuana. Inexplicably, Miss Lemmon told the guests that Reeves was about to kill himself just a few seconds before the sound of the fatal shot was heard. According to authorities, the husky actor, who is interested in wrestling, judo, and boxing, was supposed to have an exhibition match with Archie Moore, the light heavyweight champion, in San Diego today. Full Obituary

George W. Reeves Auburndale: At the age of 78, Mr. George W. Reeves, who resided in Auburndale, passed away at Lakeland Regional Medical Center on Monday, August 3, 2015. Mr. Reeves was born in Athens, Alabama on the 20th of February, 1937. His parents were Lottie and Lena Glendon (Gulley) Reeves. After moving here from Alabama in 1952, he lived in Auburndale for the rest of his life. For the most of his 52-year career, George served in the refrigeration repair department of Coca-Cola. He adhered to the beliefs of the Baptists. His parents passed away before he did in this life. Full Obituary