Francesca Kasteliz, Jon Kay’s spouse and children are involved in controversy as the BBC Breakfast Host

Presenter of British television Jon Kay is wed to Francesca Kasteliz, a stunning woman.

Jonathan is a journalist, newsreader, and television presenter from the West of England who is best known for his work with BBC News. He was born in Hull, in Yorkshire’s East Riding.

Kay worked as a regional news reporter for BBC Points West before relocating to the city to work as a national news reporter for BBC London News. He currently covers the South-West of the country for BBC News, but he also frequently covers news from across the world and other parts of Britain.

Who is Francesca Kasteliz, the wife of Jon Kay? Details of Their Relationship

The Mirror claims that Jon and Francesca first connected through a Bristol newspaper. He has just graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in politics in 1992.

A year after joining the BBC as a local correspondent, he began his first full-time job at BBC Bristol. When they first met, Francesca Kasteliz was a trainee at BBC News. She then began working for BBC Points West as a TV and radio journalist, where she stayed for six years, until 1999.

The Daily Star claims that in 1998, when she was prepared to work as a journalist for BBC National Network News, Kasteliz and Kay were married.

She is an experienced executive coach who helped design and oversee the BBC’s comprehensive on-screen talent development programme. According to Kasteliz, her area of expertise is assisting women and young people in finding their voice on-air and in the television industry.


Investigating Jon Kay’s Family

Jon has not given the media any information about his parents. After growing up in Cheshire, Kay attended the University of Exeter in Devon when she was 18 years old.

While a student at University Radio Exeter, Kay “mucked around” in the studios, which led him to choose a career in broadcast journalism.

After receiving a BA in Politics, he began working for the BBC in 1992 as a trainee local reporter. His family has always been a huge supporter of his professional decisions. He’d always wanted to work in the media and become a journalist.

When Jon was a child, he had a strong desire to work as a journalist and was extremely clear about his career goals. He hasn’t shared a lot of information about his background or early years, though.

Francesca Kasteliz

Francesca Kasteliz

Check Out Jon Kay’s BBC Career

Jon Kasteliz, the husband of Francesca Kasteliz, joined the BBC Breakfast team in 2010 after serving as an associate news editor and senior coach & trainer at the BBC Academy’s college of journalism.

Dan Walker, who spent 13 years with the BBC and has been hosting BBC Breakfast since 2016, has decided to move to Channel 5. 52-year-old Jon Kay is the current front-runner to become his permanent successor. He has extensive experience working for the company and has on occasion temporarily filled in for Dan.

In Los Angeles and Washington, DC, he worked as a BBC journalist. Since the application time for the position he is vacating ended on May 24, 2022, Dan Walker’s replacement will probably be revealed quite soon.

Kay has so far had a rather successful career as a journalist.

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