Emilie Brzezinski Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

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Emilie Brzezinski Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

Emilie Brzezinski Jupiter, Florida:  Through her marriage to Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, she was able to gain access to the political and diplomatic elite in Washington. But the artist Emilie Brzezinski claimed that she was happiest when she was working in her studio in McLean, Virginia, where she fashioned towering sculptures from tree trunks using chisels, axes, and several prized Stihl chain saws, which she continued to use well into her 80s. She much preferred the buzzing sound of power tools to the chatter that could be heard at cocktail parties.

At the age of 90, Mrs. Brzezinski passed away on July 22 at her home in Jupiter, Florida. Her daughter, Mika Brzezinski, who is a co-host on the MSNBC program “Morning Joe,” said that her mother suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Both the Florence Biennale in 2003 and the Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale in 2005 were venues in which Mrs. Brzezinski displayed her work. Her one and only piece of public sculpture is a bronze casting of a piece that was originally carved in wood and given the title “Arch in Flight.” It is currently on display in Washington, District of Columbia, on New York Avenue, in close proximity to the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Full Obituary

Emilie Miller Columbus, Ohio: On July 24, 2022, Emilie Clara (Adamski) Miller, who was 91 years old and lived in Columbus, Ohio, passed away in a calm and peaceful manner at her home. She was surrounded by her devoted family. Her parents, John and Rose Adamski, as well as her siblings Benjamin Adamski, Florence Brzezinski, and Teresa Sniadecki all passed away before she did. She is survived by her husband of 70 years, Richard, as well as her seven children, Mark Miller, Steven Miller (Pamela), Debra Militaru (Calin), Catherine Benson (Steven), Lisa Schechter (John), Christopher Miller (Cheryl), and David Miller (Joanie), 13 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren, as well as her siblings Dorothy Demeter and Annette Fujawa. She also leaves behind 18 great-grandchildren. On the 10th of March, 1931, found him being born in South Bend, Indiana. On February 2, 1952, she wed Richard Lloyd (Kominowski) Miller at St. Joseph Church in South Bend, Indiana. The ceremony took place in the United States. Emilie received the highest possible grade point average at St. Joseph High School in South Bend, and she graduated as valedictorian. While employed at Bendix Aviation in South Bend, Indiana, she went to school for business at the College of Commerce. After spending some time working part-time at Lazarus Department Store, Emilie began working full-time for ABB and remained there for a number of years. Full Obituary

Katharine A. Brzezinski-Stein Chicago, IL: The 30th of May, 1947 found Katharine being born in Chicago, Illinois, and she spent her childhood on Lily Lake in Lakemoor, McHenry, Illinois.
Immediately following her graduation from high school, she enrolled at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and pursued a degree in psychology at the undergraduate level. She furthered her education by earning a master’s degree and a doctorate in psychology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where she also taught at the graduate level. Both in Carbondale and in St. Louis, Missouri, she ran a successful psychology practice. Up until the time of her death, she worked as a clinical psychologist at Advanced Behavioral Medicine and Neuropsychological Services in Tacoma, Washington.

Kath’s life was one that was rich in both experience and knowledge. She embarked on a journey around the world, stopping in places such as Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico. She had an excellent command of the Spanish language, both in terms of her reading and her speaking.
In addition to that, she was a musician. She was able to play the violin and guitar to a limited extent, but her primary talent was singing, and she had an impressively wide range, both in terms of her abilities and her emotions. She was able to really “belt it out” no matter where she was singing, whether it was with friends, in the shower, in the car, or around the house. She especially enjoyed singing with her friends. She sang from the depths of her heart, soul, and gut, and her talent moved everyone who came within earshot of her performance. Full Obituary