Edison Kimball Death, Obituary and Funeral Information

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1.  Edison Kimball Death, of Holladay, UT – Obituary

When his family was involved in a terrible accident on Thursday, September 8, 2022, our dear Eddie, our boy, passed away and went to be with his Heavenly Family. A miracle occurred when Eddie joined our family. His light has provided our family with much-needed happiness for almost seven years now. Soon after, he became his mother’s constant companion and companion for cuddles. Every single day, Eddie would give her a bear hug, tell her that he loved her, and then immediately after that, he would yell, “Best. Mom. Ever!” His favorite sports were basketball, baseball, swimming, and soccer, and he frequently used his father as a wrestling opponent and a makeshift jungle gym.

The ability to love is Eddie’s true gift, and it sets him apart from other people. He is the one who holds our family together. Ruby was his older sister, and he looked up to her quite a bit. They could regularly be heard laughing late into the night coming from the vents of the air conditioning system. While doing so, he ensured that his younger sister, Lou, was safe and guided her through the process of developing positive relationships with others. To summarize, we had complete ownership of Eddie. His influence has reached further than we are aware of. He has the same interests and passions as us. Eddie went to his first Utah Utes football game with his dad, and he was more than happy to tag along with his mom when she went to pick out a new plant. Source

2. Oscar “Kim” Kimball Death, of Greensboro, GA – Obituary

Oscar “Kim” Kimball, who was 78 years old and lived in Greensboro, Georgia, passed away on August 24, 2022. On November 14th, 1943, he was born in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition, he is survived by his sister Anne Kapke, his brothers Tony Kimball, Patrick Kimball, and Harry Kimball, as well as his son Scott Kimball of Jacksonville, Florida. Ginger Kimball, his wife of 46 years, his children Lane Jackson, Linda Jackson Brantley, and Scott Jackson, as well as his daughter-in-law Josephine Jackson of Greensboro, Georgia, his grandchildren Gresheine, April, Sarajane, Dawn, and Paul, and his great-grandchildren Alina Mae, Dayton, Giana Beau, Kira Lynn, and Joaquin of Topeka, Kansas, are among those who are left behind after his passing.

Since 1996, Oscar, also known as “Kim or Kimbo,” has been a resident of the Lake Oconee community. He currently lives at Harbor Club, Madison Lakes, and Traditions at Carey Station, and he is a member of the Christ Our King church. Being a graduate of the University of Georgia has made him a devoted fan of the DAWGs for the rest of his life, regardless of the circumstances. After graduating college, I joined the Army Reserves of the United States. Among his numerous interests, he enjoyed playing golf, dancing with his wife Ginger, working in the yard, and football. Christmas was undeniably his favorite holiday, as evidenced by the fact that he wore a unique shirt for the occasion each year.   Read More

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Edison Kimball Death, Obituary and Funeral Information
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