Dustin Lars Death and Funeral Information, Obituary

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Dustin Lars Death – Obituary which also includes the cause of death details has been posted online by individuals and internet media. You are invited by Referetech Obituaries to leave messages of condolence and memories of Dustin Lars in the Guest Book which may be found below. You can find the most recent obituary of Dustin Lars as well as information about the service by clicking on the obituaries’ links below. Check The Below Results For Dustin Lars Death, obituary, And Funeral Information


1. Dustin Lars Death, Facebook Tribute – Obituary

As some of you know, Dustin Lars, passed away Sunday evening in a car accident. Many have asked how they can help the family. Good news is, Dustin was prepared for a scenario like this and they don’t need any help financially. So several of his closest friends have come up with an idea on how to honor him. Dustin was a 2002 graduate of Lakeview High School. He was a journalism major in college and had a passion for soccer. We are asking for monetary donations to honor him. The current members of the class will be purchasing a “leaf” to be in honor of those lost from the class of 2002 to be hung at Lakeview. The rest will be used to provide scholarships to soccer players and future journalism college majors at Lakeview.

Multiple scholarships will be awarded over the course of several years is our plan. The “Dustin Geier Memorial Scholarship” is a fanstastic way to honor our friend. A ”Dustin Geier Memorial Fund” has been setup at Lakeview and we are also doing a Venmo account that donations will be given to the memorial fund. So you’re able to pay two ways. For those wanting to pay via Venmo, a picture is listed below on how to make that donation. Secondly, if you’re wanting to make a private donation, please send it to the Dustin Geier Memorial Fund c/oLakeview High School 3744 83rd Street Columbus, NE 68601. Make the check out to Lakeview High School. Source

2.Dustin Lee White Death, of Romney– Obituary

On the morning of Friday, October 22, 2021, in Tippecanoe County, the life of Dustin Lee White, 43, from Romney, who was on his way to work when he was killed in an automobile accident, was cut tragically short. Dustin White was born on April 13, 1978 in Martinsville, Indiana. He is the son of Dan White of Lebanon, Indiana, and Sharon White. Dustin received his high school diploma from Lebanon in the year 1996. Dustin was a major contributor to the athletics program at Lebanon High School, where he participated in football, baseball, and basketball.

Following his graduation from high school, Dustin enrolled at the University of Southern Indiana, where he participated on the school’s rugby team. He was a devoted follower of sports and was especially passionate about the Michigan Wolverines and the Green Bay Packers. His other interests included spending time in nature, going hunting and fishing, and practicing his shooting skills with his kids.  Read more

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Dustin Lars Death and Funeral Information, Obituary
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