Who Is Ted Weschler? His Age, Family And Net Worth

Many people are intrigued about former hedge fund manager Ted Weschler’s net worth after his recent bid of over $5 million.

Warren Buffett has solidified his reputation as one of history’s most costly lunch guests.

In the 21st and final time that the billionaire businessman had auctioned a private lunch to shield a San Francisco charity, a lucky, and certainly affluent, a person spent more than $19 million to dine with Warren Buffett.

Plus, financial titans such as hedge fund investor David Einhorn have submitted winning bids throughout the years. Before joining Berkshire Hathaway as an investment manager, Ted Weschler placed a total bid of more than $5 million in two auctions.

With his burgeoning fortune, a series of questions about his net worth and riches have surfaced. So, let’s see what we can find out.

The Net Worth Of Ted Weschler As He Bids Over $5 Million

The exact net worth value of Ted Weschler is unknown. However, with a bid of more than $5 million, we believe the investment manager has acquired a sizable fortune over the course of his career.

In less than 30 years, Ted Weschler, one of Warren Buffett’s two investing lieutenants, raised his retirement account from $70,000 to almost $260 million, as per CNBC.According to reports, recent auction winners include hedge fund titans David Einhorn and Ted Weschler.

After spending a total of $5.25 million to win the 2010 and 2011 auctions, Weschler became a Berkshire portfolio manager.

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Ted Weschler And His Wife, Shiela

Ted Weschler and his wife Sheila, together with their two daughters, reside in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Ted Weschler, on the other hand, never revealed any personal information. Similarly, we have been unable to locate him on social media, making it much more difficult to verify the data about his wife and daughters.

We’ll update this portion of the article if any new information about his wife or personal details becomes available.