Who Is Danielle Redlick Verdict? Her Age, Family And Net Worth

A jury found a Danielle Redlicknot guilty of murdering her husband in their home.

In the death of Michael, Redlick was charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

Michael has worked as director of external affairs and partnership relations at UCF’s DeVos Sport Business Management Graduate Program. 

The attorneys stopped arguing on Thursday, and the jury began deciding on Redlick, who was accused of stabbing and killing her husband Michael in 2019.

If she had been found guilty of second-degree murder, she would have faced life in jail.

Danielle Redlick Verdict: Is She In Jail Or Acquitted?

When it was revealed that Redlick had been found not guilty of second-degree murder, she cried and bent her head. She was convicted of tampering with physical evidence, though.Redlick stated that she believed her husband died of a heart attack after she stabbed him in the shoulder, but she did not call 911 for 11 hours.

Over the course of two days, the jury deliberated for four hours.

If she can pay a $15,000 bond, Redlick might get out of jail on Friday.

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Michael Redlick Murder Case

On Tuesday, Danielle, the woman accused of killing her husband in their Winter Park home in 2019, testified in her murder trial.

According to the medical examiner, Michael Redick died from a fatal stab to the left shoulder. He didn’t die of a heart attack or take his own life. The stab wound was so deep that it pierced his lung and caused an artery to be damaged.

Despite the defendant’s claims that she was in danger that evening, Danielle Redlick had repeatedly told others that Michael Redlick had stabbed himself during the argument.

According to previous testimony in the case from first responders, no one saw marks on her in the hours after Michael Redlick’s body was discovered.