David Richardson Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1.  David Richardson Obituary, of Creedmoor, North Carolina – Death

“Thanks everyone for all the prayers and kind words….. this is a tough one…My brother David Richardson was the true definition of the strength and calm in all the chaos in the family. There is no one that could even come close to beating him as a person, he was the best….. it didn’t matter what we did in life he would always find a kind word to say. It just who he was! Those are just a few of the words I would pick to describe him as a person! He was the most selfless person I have ever met, I will forever cherish all of our crazy memories growing up from when mom and dad was at work and we was all home, those were the best…. The best childhood ever… you will forever be missed …. We love you! Everyone please continue to say a huge prayer for my family in the coming days we have ahead of us. An extra special one for my mama and sister in law.” Source


2. David William Richardson Obituary, born in Burlington, Iowa – Death

In Burlington, Iowa, on the 21st of January, 1941, David William Richardson was brought into the world by his parents, Clarence and Louise Richardson. He spent his life in Minnesota before enrolling in the United States Army after graduating from high school. While stationed in Bavaria, he served as the battalion photographer for his regiment. After moving back to Minnesota, he enrolled at the University of Minnesota and got married shortly after. After some time, he moved to California, where he attended the aptly titled old Compost College in Mendocino and subsequently continued his education at USF.

He worked as a warehouseman for a number of companies, the most notable of which were Beringer Vineyards, the Del Monte Cannery in Oakland, and the East Bay Municipal Utility District, from which he eventually retired. He held the presidency of AFSCME Local 444 while working for the water corporation. After he retired, he was the first former employee and labor union representative to ever run for and win a seat on the Board of Directors of EBMUD, where he served for a total of six years. He will be remembered for his dedication to social justice, his love of good friends and good food, the San Francisco Opera, photography, travel, and his ability to bring both fun and kindness wherever he went. Read More

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David Richardson Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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