David Pierce Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1. David Pierce Obituary, Facebook tribute  – Death

“I am sad to report that David Pierce, former debate coach, and lawyer passed away last Friday. Amy, his daughter contacted me this morning. One of the greatest debate minds to ever coach the activity and funny as hell.” Source


2. David G. Pierce Obituary, of Northborough  Death

He had reached the age of 76. David is survived by his devoted wife of 42 years, Rosanne, as well as his two cherished kids, Ian and Harrison, who both currently call Framingham home. In addition, he leaves behind one brother, John Pierce, one sister, Virginia McCombe, and her husband Jim of East Longmeadow, and a large number of relatives, nieces, and nephews. Virginia McCombe and Jim were married. His parents, Earle and Regina Pierce passed away before he did, and he is the sole survivor of his family.

David was reared in Northborough and attended Algonquin Regional High School before graduating from high school. David was born in Worcester. Before embarking on his own entrepreneurial endeavors, he completed his military service and worked for the Pierce Oil & Gas Company, which was the family business.
In addition to the several road trips that he went on with his buddies, David went on several tours across the country with his wife, during which they both rode motorbikes. Full obituary


3. Jack Pierce Obituary, of Normal  Death

In Waterbury, Connecticut, on the 30th of December in 1944, he was born to his parents, John J. Pierce and Marjorie (Fahy) Pierce. Before moving west to attend college in Huron, South Dakota, Jack, the second of four children, lived in Connecticut. He left Connecticut to attend college in Huron. During his time at Huron College, he competed in baseball and football, earning letters in both sports, and earned a degree in education. Additionally, it was at Huron College that he first became acquainted with his future wife, Victoria Schinkel.

Jack received his draft notice to report to the United States Army in 1969, the same year he graduated high school. He served in the army from 1969 to August 1971, when he was honorably discharged from Ft. McClellan, Alabama. Beginning in the month of August 1971, he worked as a teacher and coach at Cobb High School in Anniston, Alabama. As a white educator in a predominantly black school, he played a role in the process of integrating public schools. Read more

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David Pierce Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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