David Fernandez Death, Joel Adames Death, 2 men killed in Upper Manhattan – Obituary

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Obituary news concerning David Fernandez Death and Joel Adames Death

On Wednesday morning, a collision in Inwood resulted in the deaths of two pedestrians and resulted in injuries to several more persons. When two cars collided, one of the vehicles strayed into the path of the two pedestrians who were walking down Sherman Street.

Natalie Duddridge, of CBS2, spoke with members of the victim’s family and friends as they paid their respects at a memorial that had been built up at the site of the accident. They warned her that her life may drastically alter in an instant.

“He was having a haircut at the time. He was in the company of the barber. The two people who passed away were in each other’s company. After paying his bill and leaving the barbershop, he walked down the street. I guess it was the wrong place at the wrong moment “according to Robert Gomez, a cousin of the victim Joel Adames, who was 31 years old at the time of the attack.

Family members stated that Adames was getting a haircut around four in the morning in order to look presentable for a birthday celebration that would take place later that day. According to his friends, he and his barber were taking a stroll along the sidewalk not too far from the barbershop when they became involved in a crash involving multiple vehicles.

Everson Sanchez, a resident of Inwood, shared his experience, saying, “The loud crash woke me up, looked out the window and I saw bystanders running over to the accident,”

When it happened, the BMW was traveling northbound on Sherman around 207th Street when it veered into the southbound lanes of traffic, according to the police. coming into contact with a Subaru. The force of the impact caused the automobiles to collide with multiple other parked autos. The two pedestrians were killed when the Subaru drove up onto the sidewalk, careened into them, and then hit them again.

According to several of David Fernandez’s friends, the well-known barber, who is now 40 years old, was someone who could be reached at any time of the day to schedule an appointment.

“Since I was a small boy, he also served as my barber. It was customary for us to approach him first. He was the most skilled salsa dancer there was. That is one characteristic of him. He was a consummate professional when it came to dancing “Gomez stated.

“He is known to be one of the kindest children in the area. Everybody know him. He was a barber, hard-working youngster, “a neighbor added.