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DAVID BARNETT , MITCHAM: David Barnett My good friend David Barnett, who passed away recently at the age of 92, was a teacher, traveler, poet, bibliophile, and ardent dancer. He was also the owner of Aardvark Wholefoods in Carmarthen for 15 years, during which time he was known to many as “David Aardvark.” David was the son of Joyce, who worked for the Pearl & Dean movie advertising company, and Bearron Barnett, who managed a bookmaker’s. David was born in Mitcham, which is located in the county of Surrey. David was sent to Bedford as part of the wartime evacuation in the second world war. Later on, he went to the grammar school run by Dame Alice Owen in Islington, which is located in the north London borough of Islington. After that, he was awarded a scholarship to study modern history at Oxford. After receiving his diploma in the 1950s, he went off on his own to embark on a low-budget journey to the far east. While there, he spent some time living among indigenous people in the jungles of Northern Thailand. Full Obituary

DAVID BARNETT LONDON: On June 4, 2022, David Arthur Barnett, who resided in London and was 68 years old at the time of his passing, passed away at home. David Barnett was the son of Mic, who passed away, and Bob Barnett, who also passed away. David was born in Woodstock. He is survived by his cousins Judy and Sandi, as well as his brother Gary (Gayle). John Holland, Kim Stevens, Jan Saddy, Keith Gunton, Nick Kohlmann, David O’Donnell, Cyndy Camp, and Tracey Ferrar, as well as his canines Sheba, Pinot, and Nelly, have been lifelong friends of Tracey Ferrar’s. Everyone who was fortunate enough to know him will lament the loss of his legendary sense of humor, as well as his genuine caring and compassion. David served the community as an employee of Madame Vanier Children’s Services for a period of time. The cremation process has been completed. There will be no funeral or visitation services planned. We would be grateful for any contributions you might make to the Humane Society London Middlesex or any other charity of your choosing. (John T. Donohue Funeral Home) Full Obituary

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