Darryl Ross Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1. Darryl Ross Obituary, Facebook Tribute – Death

The name of the young man has been revealed to be Darryl Ross. At around 11:30 p.m., plainclothes detectives from the St. Louis City Police Department were reportedly conducting an investigation in the vicinity of the Shell Gas Station located in the 2800 block of North Florissant Road. The 11th of September, Sunday As the detectives got closer to the scene, it is said that they noticed other civilians armed with firearms.

According to witnesses, Ross, 16, was standing in close proximity to the alley way when the police approached him. As cops approached Ross, witnesses claim Ross reportedly started running, and shortly after fell to the ground, apparently dropping what they assumed to be a pistol. After the officers approached Ross, witnesses say Ross allegedly continued to run. Shortly after collapsing to the ground, witnesses reported that officers opened fire on Ross after he went groping for his gun, hitting him many times.   Source


2. Leroy Spencer Obituary, Lawyer – Death

A disciple of Ralph Nader, he mobilized students in the 1970s and advocated for social change by means of legislation, legal action, and political pressure. Donald K. Ross passed away on Saturday at a nursing facility in Salisbury, Connecticut. He was known as a creative and pragmatic public interest lawyer and philanthropist, and he was responsible for inspiring a generation of students to engage in charitable work. He was 78. His wife, the author and poet Helen Klein Ross, stated that lymphoma was the cause of his death.

Mr. Ross was an original member of Nader’s Raiders, which was a group of roughly twenty-two newly graduated law students that Ralph Nader assembled in the early 1970s to combat the inefficiency of government and corporate bureaucracy. Mr. Ross was a member of Nader’s Raiders. It eventually grew into a nationwide network of advocates for consumers. In an email, Mr. Nader praised Mr. Ross for his work in establishing “durable democratic institutions with an outstanding civic personality of robust stamina, motivational talents, and unrelenting emphasis on results.” Read more

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Darryl Ross Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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