Daren Gilbert Death, Obituary and Funeral Information

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1. Daren Gilbert Death – Obituary

Gilbert, who was born and raised in Southern California, received his education at Cal State Fullerton, where he was a starter for three consecutive seasons and served as a co-captain of the football team. Gilbert had incredibly quick feet and was highly nimble for a 6′ 6″, 285-pound body, which he attributes to the fact that he had played soccer as a child in addition to football. Gilbert played both right and left tackle in college as well as professionally. Because he broke his left hand when he was young, he had no choice but to learn to use his right hand as well and become ambidextrous. This explains how he was able to move freely to either side of the line when he was playing college or professional baseball. Jarron, the son of Gilbert, played defensive end at San Jose State and was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the third round in 2009. He went on to play for the Bears, the New York Jets, and the Buffalo Bills between the years 2009 and 2011. Read more


2. Daren Lee McDonald Death, Born in Three Rivers, MI – Obituary

He was a friend in addition to being a son, grandson, brother, nephew, and cousin. Since he was a small boy, he has always enjoyed working with his hands. For Christmas gifts, he frequently requests duct tape, building supplies, or gift cards from Home Depot so that he can continue working on his projects. In spite of his rough demeanor, he was kind and affectionate on the inside. Daren was a dedicated worker who was also creative and goofy. He was passionate about the projects he was working on and enjoyed a good sugar dance party.

In Little Elm, Texas, he came to know the Lord, and he was saved and baptized there. Daren embodied the gypsy spirit; he was always up for an adventure, no matter where or when it took place. He had only recently moved to Tennessee, but he already had a deep appreciation for the state’s stunning natural scenery and all the outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, cliff diving, and cave exploring, that it had to offer. He had a kind and kind spirit, and his passing has left behind a wake of happy recollections. Daren, we love your way. Read more

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Daren Gilbert Death, Obituary and Funeral Information
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