Daniel Garcia Details Car Wreck That Broke Both His Legs

Daniel Garcia Details Car Wreck That Broke Both His Legs – Car Accident

Daniel Garcia got into a terrible car accident in January 2019 where he suffered very serious injuries. Other wrestlers in the car included Puf, Kevin Bennett, and Kevin Blackwood.

While on “Talk is Jericho”, AEW’s Garcia detailed the car wreck and what he remembers from the traumatic incident.

“We just hit some black ice, the car spun out and we crashed right into like, the end of the guard rail,” Garcia stated. “So the guard rail basically splits the car in half … I broke my femur in my right leg and my [fibula] and tibia in my left shin and ankle.

“So I was sleeping in the back and I remember I woke up and we were spinning,” Garcia said. “… After the crash, it was almost like, peaceful. You couldn’t hear anything, there was no traffic. There was like dew on the ground ’cause I was able to get to the ground somehow and I remember just laying there, and I looked up at the front of the car and I see the people in the front … Kevin Bennett, he goes, ‘Daniel, are you okay?’ And I went, ‘Yeah, I’m good. I think I broke both my legs though.”

Chris Jericho donated money to the four indie wrestlers affected in the car crash back in 2019, and fast forward a little over three years later, Jericho is now in a faction with one of those four men in Garcia. Garcia started out in AEW as an enhancement talent but was signed to AEW a little over a year after his first match. He has become a main staple on various forms of AEW programming since. Garcia is currently in a faction with Jericho, Jake Hager, and 2point0, the latter of which he would team with prior to being involved in this faction with Jericho.

Garcia, along with his fellow Jericho Appreciation Society members went against the team of Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Sanatan, and Ortiz at “Double or Nothing” in Las Vegas. The match was billed as an “Anarchy in the Arena.” The Jericho Appreciation Society walked away with the victory after the two teams of five brawled all over the arena, including around the fans, in the ring, in the concession stand, on the ramp, and in other places.

Jericho and Hager made Bryan pass out which is how the self-dubbed Sports Entertainers walked away with the victory. This will not be the last match between the two sides, however, as they will meet again in a match called “Blood and Guts,” which is essentially War Games, which was made famous by WCW and then later adapted by WWE’s “NXT” brand.

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