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Daniel Ryan Baker Cornelius, North Carolina: On September 24, 2021, Daniel Ryan Baker, who was 38 years old and from Cornelius, North Carolina, passed away. In Marietta, Georgia, on the 26th of August in 1983, Dan Baker was born to parents Dan and Pam Baker. In a family with three kids, Dan was the youngest. On March 10, 2012, Dan wed Caroline, the woman he considered to be the love of his life. They have been blessed with two lovely daughters, Amelia, who is three years old, and Lila (age 2). There was nothing in the world that Dan cherished more than his lovely wife and two young daughters. When Dan was a kid, his favorite activities were playing sports outside and hanging out with his friends. Dan, when he was a young teenager, was an active member of the student ministry at Alpharetta United Methodist Church. It was there that he made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior when he was 12 years old. Full Obituary

Daniel M. Baker Augusta, GA: On April 8, 2022, Daniel M. Baker, who was 34 years old and lived in both Augusta, Georgia, and Westerly, Rhode Island, passed away unexpectedly. Daniel was born on May 12, 1987, and he resided in Charlestown, Rhode Island, throughout his formative years. After completing his high school education at Burke County High School, he then attended Augusta State University and Augusta Technical Institute to further his education. In his role at his grandfather’s textile converting company, the Westmark Corporation, which was located in Sterling, Connecticut, he was required to wear many hats. Full Obituary

Daniel J. Baker Obituary, Troy, NY:  Daniel J. Baker, age 70, passed away on January 11, 2022, at Van Rensselaer Manor in Troy, New York, surrounded by his devoted family. He was the son of Joseph Baker and Arleen Luby Baker, who both passed away and was born in Troy. The year 1970 marked Dan’s graduation from Troy High School. He worked for the Troy Fire Department as a Tillerman on Truck #3, a job he adored, and also drove the backstep of Engine #3. He was a member of the Troy Fire Department. On November 26th, 1989, he retired. The Crab Post, the Uniformed Firefighters Association, and the UFA Retirees were all organizations that Dan was a part of. When Dan was a kid, he adored spending his time in South Troy. Full Obituary

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