Dan Parisi Death, Obituary and Funeral Information

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1. Dan Parisi Death USABA Twitter Tribute – Obituary

USABA is saddened to learn of the recent passing of Dan Parisi, member of USABA’s 2020 Hall of Fame Class. As a Level 3 official, he always placed the athlete in the forefront of his reasoning with the thinking “How can I make it right for them?” Source


2. Viviana Parisi Death– Obituary 

Investigators stated that they were 99% certain that the body of Gioele Mondello had been located, which came as a shock to the Italian people given the ongoing mystery. Following a very minor collision, the dead body of his mother, DJ Viviana Parisi, was discovered earlier close to an electric pylon. The events surrounding her passing and the search for her son have kept Italy on edge for this entire month. A volunteer member of the military police eventually discovered the bones of the child around 200 meters away from the main route between Messina and Palermo, the same road on which Parisi had been involved in an accident.

Her dead body was discovered approximately 400 meters distant from the location of the most recent grisly find. According to the prosecutor Angelo Cavallo, the investigation team is considering three potential explanations for the death of the boy: a murder-suicide, an attack by wild animals, or a sexual assault. There are three possible explanations for the death of his mother: an accident, suicide, or homicide. Source

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Dan Parisi Death, Obituary and Funeral Information
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