Damian Demkowski Obituary, Death and Funeral Information

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1. Damian Demkowski obituary, Twitter tribute – Death

The victim of a motorcycle accident that occurred one month ago has been identified as Damian Demkowski, who was 33 years old. On August 19, at approximately 3:00 p.m., the driver of a motorcycle was involved in an accident with a car that occurred on Station Road in Stechford at the intersection with Yardley Fields Road. The family of Damian stated in a tribute that the motorcyclist would be telling them “don’t cry” because he “always smiled.” During that time, police officers blocked off a road near Stechford Primary School for a number of hours while they conducted their investigation.

The driver of a blue Skoda Octavia is continuing to assist the West Midlands Police with their investigations, according to the police. Last month, a detective sergeant from the force’s serious collision investigation unit named Paul Hughes made the following statement: “We have a dedicated family liaison officer supporting the man’s family, and my thoughts are with them at this devastating time.” In addition to this, he is requesting that anyone who may have information come forward. “We really need anyone who has not yet spoken to us and was in the area yesterday afternoon to get in touch with us,” he said. “We really need anyone who was in the area yesterday afternoon.” source

2. Jude Damian Obituary, of Mary Ann Rothert – Death

West Chester — On June 7, 2022, Dr. Jude Damian, who was originally known as Mary Ann Rothert, passed away in a calm and peaceful manner. She was the daughter of William and Ann Rothert, who were originally from York, Pennsylvania, and was born on August 9, 1942 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended York Catholic High School and graduated in the year 1960. She was a member of the St. Rose of Lima parish. In 1964, she earned her certification as a registered medical technician by completing an internship at a hospital, in addition to attending York Junior College and Millersville State College to earn her associate’s degree.

In 1967, she became a member of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and has been providing healthcare to the local community ever since. Later on, she went on to earn a Doctor of Medical Arts degree, and in May of 1976, she was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha “Medical Honor Society.” In 1979, she graduated from a residency program that had lasted for three years at Bryn Mar Hospital. She continued to work as a physician for the Sisters of Saint Joseph at the Villa in Chestnut Hill while also running a successful private practice. Despite the fact that Dr. Damian preferred to keep a low profile, she had a passion for speedy sports cars.  Read more

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Damian Demkowski Obituary, Death and Funeral Information
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