Co-pilot Charles Hew Crooks’ audio was made public after he jumped from the aircraft before an emergency landing.

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Charles Hew Crooks’ Audio: One of the controllers communicated with the 911 dispatcher, telling them, “We have a pilot that was inbound to the field.” Charles Hew Crooks, who was His co-pilot, ejected himself from the plane. After learning that the co-pilot of the cargo plane that was supposed to make an emergency landing had leapt out of the plane, two FAA personnel immediately called 911.

An employee from the FAA is heard on the phone stating to a dispatcher in North Carolina’s 911 service, “This is from the airport in Raleigh.” There is a pilot in our party who flew in to the location in a plane. His co-pilot jumped out of the plane before he did. The coordinates of the point where he touched down on the ground are listed here.

The worker continued by asserting that the co-pilot, Charles Hew Crooks, who was 23 years old, “jumped out of the plane without a parachute, so he may have had a hard landing.” He went on further. “There is no doubt that the pilot will be shaken up by this. I am clueless. The only thing that he said in its whole was, “My pilot just leapt out.”

And then there’s this: “I suppose the best we can do right now is to rest and get better.” I’m not sure. I’m not sure. This is without a doubt the most peculiar thing ever. It is quite possible that a call to 911 was placed in order for local authorities to find the deceased individual, who was eventually found in a backyard around 30 miles away from the airport.

The malfunctioning landing gear was the cause of the crash landing, during which the pilot sustained only minor injuries and was able to be discharged from the hospital the same day. The results of this investigation have an eerie air about them. After several days have gone, neither the NTSB nor the FAA nor the FBI have mentioned having a conversation with the pilot who landed the airplane or mentioning what the pilot had to say.

It is not known whether there is a recording of the cockpit, but considering that this aircraft was used for transporting cargo, it is highly likely that there is one. However, not a single one of the authorities is going to comment on the particulars of what happened in the incident.