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Chris Nassif Obituaries – Death And Funeral Information

Nassif 62-Year-Old Talent Agent & Producer Death-Obituary: A plastic surgeon named Dr. Paul Nassif, who was featured on the television show Botched on E!, remarked on Twitter that the passing of his older brother “was an unexpected and devastating tragedy.” After receiving his degree from the University of Southern California in 1983, the older Nassif established CNA and Associates Talent Agency. Luke Perry, Ricky Martin, and Jay Hernandez all got their acting careers started with his assistance at CNA, where he also negotiated Luke Perry’s contract for Beverly Hills, 90210. In addition to Robert Forster and Molly Shannon, Michael Rapaport, Fran Drescher, and Robert Forster were all clients of the agency. More on Deadline

In addition to that, Nassif published a lengthy post on Instagram in which he discussed the significance of his brother, Chris, in his life. He wrote, “Yesterday I unexpectedly lost my older brother.” “Yesterday I lost my older brother.” He went on to say that words cannot even begin to explain the sense of grief that his family, his friends, and even he himself are experiencing at this very moment. On Thursday, the painful information was disseminated over social media by the plastic surgeon. He confirmed the news via Twitter that his brother Chris, who was a talent agent, had passed away the previous day. “He was cherished in all of his roles as a brother, father, spouse, and uncle. This was a devastating and unanticipated event that has left all of us in a state of extreme melancholy as a result. “Please respect the privacy of the Nassif family during this difficult time,” tweeted Paul. “The Nassif family thanks you.” USDayNews