Chad Trolon Isaak Death and Obituary, Mandan quadruple murder convict dies by suicide

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Chad Trolon Isaak Death-Obituary: According to the authorities, a guy who was convicted of killing four people at a property management business in Mandan committed suicide before his execution. At 6:24 o’clock in the evening, Chad Trolon Isaak, age 48, was pronounced dead. According to a press release issued by the North Dakota Highway Patrol on Monday, the victim was pronounced dead at Sanford Hospital in Bismarck on Sunday, July 31.

Investigations into the cause of death are being conducted by the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation as well as the Highway Patrol. According to the announcement, the Highway Patrol was called to the State Penitentiary after receiving information about an inmate who had injured themselves. In the release, there was no additional information that could be found.

How did Chad Trolon Isaak die?

Kayli Richards, a spokeswoman for the Government of Corrections and Rehabilitation, stated that the department was unable to share many specifics concerning Isaak’s passing since the incident is still being investigated. Richards stated that Isaak did have a roommate, but that individual was not present when it is believed that Isaak took his own life on Sunday afternoon.

She brought to her attention the fact that Isaak had one “small pending disciplinary report” lodged against him ever since he had initially entered the facility.

Richards refused to comment on whether or not Isaak was being monitored for reasons related to his mental health. She also declined to reveal who discovered Isaak, citing the fact that the inquiry is still ongoing as a reason.

Isaak was serving a life sentence after being convicted by a jury in August of the murders of RJR Maintenance and Management co-owner Robert Fakler, 52, and employees Adam Fuehrer, 42, Bill Cobb, 50, and Lois Cobb, 45. The trial took place in August, and the verdict was returned in September. After a trial lasting three weeks, the former chiropractor received their punishment in December.