Cape Girardeau first responders train for active shooters

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Cape Girardeau first responders train for active shooters

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – It’s a call that Ryan Droege, Public Information Officer for Cape Girardeau Police, hopes they never get, but officers practice for it anyway. This week multiple Cape Girardeau agencies did active shooter training.

Communication between police and fire is essential in case of an active shooter.

“They’re gonna be on the scene practically at the same time as us, all trying to attend to any wounded we can,” Droege said.

They practice real-world scenarios and learning how to respond, in case the call of an active shooter ever comes.

“We know that we need to be prepared,” Officer Droege said. “We know it could happen at any time, so we’ve always got to be on top of our game and to be on top of your game it just takes practice.”

Volunteers inside of the school acted as victims. Fire rescue teams are called to enter the building to get them out.

Assistant Superintendent for Cape Girardeau Public Schools, Josh Crowell was one of the volunteers. In his opinion, this training saves lives.

“For our students to learn mathematics, they have to practice,” Crowell said. “For our first responders to be able to respond to these situations, they have to practice.”

Police officers were inside of the building, working on procedures in the different scenarios. According to Officer Droege, the long hallways, doors, and different floors make the simulation more similar to what a real active shooter call would look like.

“All of our guys get that experience so that if they ever have to respond to one of these things, they know how to react and are not going to be overwhelmed,” Droege said.

While they run intruder drills for students in the schools, Crowell says this training is an asset for schools and the community.

“Twenty years ago at schools this really wasn’t at the forefront of our mind,” Crowell said. “At this day and age, it unfortunately is.”

While Droege says they don’t want to receive the call of an active shooter, they’ll be prepared if they do.

“Something as important as an active shooter, that we know is going to be of the most dire consequences, we know we need to be the best of the best to respond to that,” Officer Droege said.

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