Bloomfield man charged with domestic violence after 77-year-old’s death

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On Friday, a guy who was 77 years old and had been viciously assaulted in Bloomfield passed away as a result of his injuries. At approximately nine o’clock in the evening, officers from the Bloomfield Police Department rushed to the 18 Walsh Street address on complaints of a major assault. As soon as the authorities arrived, they apprehended the suspect in the driveway of the residence and began providing medical attention to the victim.

After then, the sufferer was taken to St. Francis Hospital for treatment. The man passed away on Sunday despite receiving medical treatment. The member of the household who called 911 reported to the responding officers that they heard thumping coming from the first level.

The person who made the emergency call discovered the victim lying on the ground with significant head and facial injuries when they went to investigate what was occurring. On Friday, the police in Bloomfield made an arrest of Kevin Carter, who is 32 years old. The initial accusation against him was that he had assaulted an elderly individual.

The domestic violence investigation into this occurrence has been elevated to the status of a homicide investigation by the police. The Bloomfield Police Department and the state’s prosecutors are currently collaborating to develop fresh charges against Carter.

At this time, Carter is being detained on a bond of 700,000.