Az Mills Shooting, police investigating shooting at Chandler Fashion Center

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Az Mills Shooting – The shooting incident that took place at the Chandler Fashion Center mall on Monday evening is currently under investigation by the police. Sgt. Jason McClimans, a spokesperson for the Chandler Police Department, stated that authorities had not located any victims and emphasized that it was not an active shooter event. He also emphasized that the situation was not considered to be a hostage situation.

“”According to the video surveillance, the suspects fled before the police arrived,” McClimans said in a written statement. “There is no danger to the community or to the mall at this moment.” The investigation is still going on at this time.”

The shooting took place several days after reports of an armed man at Arizona Mills, which prompted a multi-agency reaction from law officials owing to worries of a potential active shooter situation at the shopping center. Sgt. Hector Encinas, a spokesperson for the Tempe police department, stated that a man who was involved in a fight with another man pointed a gun at him. However, additional details surrounding the incident, including whether or not shots were actually fired, remained unclear as investigators worked to sort out the pieces of evidence.